Wash your hands before you leave the washroom. Spend less than you earn. Buy our products. Don't reinvent the wheel. Brush your teeth. Don't argue with a police officer. Pay your bills on time. Don't offend your waiter. Cover your mouth when you sneeze. Show up for jury duty. Wear clean underwear. If it hurts you to do X, don't do X. Obey traffic signs. Don't believe everything you hear. Make sure your shoes are tied. Turn your cell phone ringer off before an important event. Use an effective project manager for your next project. Foster meaningful relationships. Don't take unnecessary risks. Wash your clothes according to their instructions. Fill your fuel tank before it gets anywhere close to E. Don't overstay your welcome. Commit only to what you can deliver. Save room for dessert. Read this blog. Look both ways before crossing the street. Check your breath before a date. Cover your mouth when you cough. Establish and maintain an "emergency fund". Keep your license current. Treat your mother right.